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READING Copies of Charles Barron’s Plays

Most of Charles Barron’s plays are available as reading copies.

If you order a reading copy to be emailed to you there is NO CHARGE for this service.

If you prefer to have a hard copy mailed to you (A4, single-sided), then the cost is £10 per copy, post free.

N.B Although all the plays are available for performance, you must not mount a production without obtaining the author’s consent in advance and paying the appropriate royalty. For details click here.

You may make copies of the play(s) sent to you for your own use but you must not sell these copies to anyone.

Note that a public performance of a play is any reading or performance of the play in front of an audience, even if no charge has been made for admission.


Guts. World War II changes the lives of two families of fisher folk in Fraserburgh. A riotously funny play which nevertheless doesn’t ignore the harsh facts of life. Premiered in Fraserburgh in May.

Evie. Evie’s tongue is as biting as ever; her wit as sharp, her humour as lively and her opinions as fiendish but now there is no-one to hear except Tutankhamen – and he would rather sleep in his basket, dreaming of mice and milk.

Toulmin  A new play celebrating the life and work of the writer David Toulmin, born John Reid in 1913.

Bertie, Bryce, Harry, Effie. Four one-act plays based on short stories by David Toulmin.

Fooshion. Winner of the first Mobil Oil Scottish Playwriting Award.  A delightfully funny playset in the backyard of an Aberdeen tenement.

Amang the Craws. Winner of the drama section of the Doric Festival writing competition, this play is now published by Learning + Teaching Scotland, the government’s curriculum agency, who have supplied a copy to every Secondary School in the country. It is, therefore, studied on Higher and Intermediate courses in many schools .

The Surrogate.  A Scottish couple, desperate for a child, find they have set in train a comic but potentially tragic series of events.

A Bosie for Luck?  A comedy set on an Aberdeenshire farm in the 1930s.


Pond Life  A cheerfully satirical musical comedy set in the Scottish Parliament. The First Minister copes with bribery, blackmail and intrigue, in spite of splits in her cabinet and cracks in her parliament building.

Café Noir. A musical comedy set in a run-down Glasgow café where the private lives of the staff are as murky as their vichy soisse.  

Take 2 Girls. Two musical comedies. One - Sal ‘n’ Sue - is sung-through, with new lyrics set to familiar Scots tunes; two young girls find their friendship at risk when they realise that they are dating the same boy.
The other -  Kiss and Make-up - is a play with music. An elderly actress chats condescendingly to a younger colleague in the dressing room as they prepare for the evening’s performance. Performed by Dragon productions.


Two Gentlemen of Verona. Well, yes, Shakespeare actually wrote it, but Charles Barron has adapted it and made it more accessible to modern audiences. It’s a wild whirligig of love, while the Black Shirts hover in the woods  …

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